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Tips for Finding the Best CBD Gummies Online

Like other CBD edibles, CBD gummies are a great way to experience all of the benefits of full spectrum CBD with a flavorful and convenient delivery method. Upstate Alchemy offers the best CBD gummies in the marketplace because all of our CBD gummies are produced in an FDA-regulated facility using carefully selected, natural ingredients, with the most important ingredient being our rigorously tested, high purity extract from organically-grown hemp plants.

Be Sure to Buy CBD Gummies with Standards

It’s important to note that quality CBD gummies should be lab-tested to ensure their effectiveness and safety. Also, make sure that the products are tested by a third-party affiliate - this ensures that the product’s analysis and results are authentic and unbiased. CBD gummies and other full spectrum products should also be free from plants that were grown with the use of herbicides and pesticides, as these chemicals can make it into the end product. It’s also best to buy CBD gummies and other products made from hemp that is grown right here in the United States, as our country has some of the best growing and manufacturing standards in the world.

A Great Selection of Flavors

Unfortunately, most CBD companies only offer CBD gummies in one or two flavors. At Upstate Alchemy, we offer our full spectrum CBD gummies in four different flavors: watermelon, strawberry, blue raspberry, and lemon-lime. CBD gummies make for the perfect alternative to traditional edibles which may be less conspicuous and less travel-friendly for on-the-go consumption.

Check Out Upstate Alchemy Wholesale Opportunities

If you’re a retailer or dispensary looking to add some of the best CBD gummies in the marketplace to your complete line of premium products, we are available to work with you for competitive wholesale opportunities! We’re proud of our high growing, processing, and production standards, and we make it a priority to ensure the fast-acting effectiveness of our CBD gummies and other products produced by Upstate Alchemy. We also offer some of the best CBD topicals, tinctures, and CBD pet products in the marketplace - so give us a call and experience the difference in your customer satisfaction today!

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