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CBD Topicals

Every Upstate Alchemy product contains naturally occurring CBD from Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts!

More about CBD Topicals

Looking for targeted relief?  If so, a topical could be right for you.  CBD Topicals are known for their ability to provide speedy relief to the area on which they are applied.  They can quickly ease symptoms related to pain and discomfort, allowing you to get back to your day or rest more comfortably.  

CBD Topicals are frequently used in combination with our gummy and tincture products.  The CBD and other cannabinoids found in our products support the body's entire endocannabinoid system.  Remember, the endocannabinoid system has been shown to play a role in many bodily functions, including:

  • chronic pain

  • inflammation

  • metabolism

  • mood

  • motor control

  • sleep

  • stress

  • skin and nerve function

Check out our blog post on the endocannabinoid system for more detail (or this great scientific study).  So the use of our gummies and tinctures provides a foundation for improved wellness.  Using our CBD topicals targets a specific area, supplying an added layer of fast relief when, and where, you need it.

Why choose Upstate Alchemy CBD Topicals? 

Our CBD Topicals are produced in an FDA regulated facility using carefully chosen ingredients, including our rigorously tested, high purity extract from organically grown hemp.  Each product is formulated individually to assure potency and purity requirements are met.  Each topical is also formulated so they won't leave your skin feeling oily or sticky.  Our CBD Topicals go on smoothly and absorb quickly, letting you get on with your day.  There's no waiting around or wiping off needed. 

How do I know which CBD Topical to choose? 

Our Hemp and Aloe Relief Cream is great for larger areas of the body.  It absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy or oily feel - which also makes it great for hands!  It is formulated with a lower CBD potency since it is typically used in larger quantities. 


Sports Enthusiasts tend to prefer our CBD Muscle Gel.  In addition to the full spectrum of cannabinoids, this gel contains camphor and menthol, as well as a host of essential oils, to help ease those sore muscles after working out (or the occasional pick-up basketball game). 


For really focused relief, we recommend our CBD Body Balm.  To combat stiffness and soreness on wrists, knees, shoulders, elbows, etc., our balm has the highest cannabinoid potency of our regular topicals as well as 22 essential oils - all designed to provide quick, focused relief. 


In the middle of detailed work, or working with crafts or electronics?  Can't afford the time to wash your hands after applying a topical?  Our CBD Crafter's Stick is designed for a hands-free application.  Just remove the top, rub the balm into the desired area, and replace the lid.  Focused relief, without getting anything on your hands.  

Are you a workout warrior or an extreme sports enthusiast?  One of our maximum strength CBD Topicals may be right for you.  We offer both a Maximum Strength CBD Relief Cream and a Maximum Strength CBD Muscle Gel.  


I am still not sure which topical might be best for me. 

In that case, try one of our Topical Sample Packs.  Select which two CBD topical products you would like to try and we will send trial sizes of each.

If you still have questions, check out our FAQs; or, contact us.  We're here to help!

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