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Can CBD help manage COVID-19 symptoms?

Recently, Upstate Alchemy, along with it's partners Ascent Naturals and Holland Hill Farms, was interviewed by News Channel 6, WJBF. The topic was CBD and recent research studies that are looking into the potential of this cannabinoid to help COVID-19 patients who have severe, potentially life-threatening, infections in their lungs.

Cells in the human body release protiens called cytokines to communicate with other cells to help fight infections. Cytokines can cause inflammation in surrounding tissues and can even trigger cells to destroy themselves to prevent infections from spreading. In some COVID-19 patients, the present of the coronavirus seems to cause cytokine production to go into hyperdrive, creating what scientist call a cytokine storm. This seems to be the difference between some patients having only mild symptoms while others struggle to survive COVID-19.

A cytokine storm brought on by COVID-19 can cause severe inflamation and a build up of fluid in the lungs, causing pneumonia. Reasearchers are looking at medicines that control cytokine storms as a means of fighting lung inflammation in COVID-19 patients. They are also evaluating CBD's anti-inflammitory properties as a way to control cytokine storms.

To hear more about Hemp, CBD, and its potential impact on COVID-19, please watch the interview with WJBF.

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